Services Offered

Living Rooms

Whether you are looking for classically inspired luxurious living-rooms, or modern spacious living rooms or most eclectic in design living-rooms, Merin Interiors, team of highly skilled home interior decorators, provide a variety of choice in planning, design and executing the most spectacular living-rooms for our clients.

Bed Rooms

Our interior design & decorating capabilities are an inspiration. Our home interior designs are distinct & diverse, whether you are looking to create a bedroom space for a bachelor, family bedroom or bedroom for children, our bedroom designs are intricate with class and elegance in selecting furniture or space design.


An integral part of any home interior designing and decorating is the Kitchen design, an essential space for food preparation and cooking in any household. We create kitchen designs that are practical yet elegant. Our modular kitchen space design and decorations is in accordance to the client's personal taste and choice.


Wardrobes are the indispensable and imperial tool for organising, storing and securing your accessories and belongings efficiently. So, it is important for you to give due importance to its design, structure and layout. Choosing the right wardrobe design can easily put an end to your storage concerns.

Dining Area

Merin Interiors create dining spaces for everyone, whether you are looking to create modern, tradition or contemporary or an Asian inspired or French bistro themed dining spaces. We create dining spaces that are efficient in both comfort and functionality and have the right ambience for the consumption of food.

Pooja Rooms

Our designers well aware of the fact that, Pooja unit design should be in such form to create a sacred place environment that the house member’s prayers should reach the god whom they adore. We always respect the house owners interest whether to place the simple Pooja unit integrated into the living room or dining room, created with woods.

Kids Rooms

The room where the light of the home resides, often the brightest room of any home, is the room dedicated to children, the future flag bearers of the family. Kid’s room comes with a touch of bright colours with just the right amount of furniture that help your children to be happy, comfortable & help them find their own space in a house.

Storage Units

Add oodles of style to your home and bedrooms with our fine line of aesthetic as well as multipurpose storage units to hold your belongings in an organised way. Storage units can be a great addition to your home. Small or big? Open or closed? With glass doors or without? It has become an essential accessory for modern households.

False Ceiling

The false ceilings are factory-made using high superiority material acquired from consistent vendors. Our false ceiling designers are well knowledgeable in making distinctive and elite designs to your indoor setting that gives a sophisticated look to your sweet home. These services are obtainable at the most inexpensive prices.